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Top 5 Reasons why you should partner with an HRIS Advisory Firm

The adoption of technology solutions can make a tremendous impact on the way your company operates. They allow organizations to become more efficient, leverage automation, remain agile, save time, easily manage and store data and improve external and internal communications. However, accessing your current business processes, addressing pain points, planning desired future state, choosing the right technology, aligning technology with your organization’s vision and requirements, managing implementation – is a complex task and can be quite overwhelming. Partnering with advisory firms can make a crucial difference to the HRIS selection and implementation process and directly affect your organization’s success.

There are five primary reasons why partnering with an advisory firm can be the right option for your organization:


  1. Obtaining accurate and relatable information

One of the most common reasons to seek assistance is to obtain information. In the era of search engines, accessing information is no longer an issue, however, finding accurate, reliable information that suits your specific requirements is not that easy. Sometimes companies simply don’t have the time or expertise to provide such data internally and that’s where your partner can make a difference. Advisory companies can offer accurate, most up-to-date information that is tailored to your company’s needs and requirements. Their consultants are always aware of the latest industry trends, innovations, and best practices and will ensure that you are informed with the right information.


  1. Independent Assessment and Action Plan

The advisory partner focuses on addressing the following areas: examining your current system and business processes, identifying main pain points and areas of improvements, strategy review to align technology, culture, business, and workforce processes, review of your desired outcome and goals to be achieved with the new technology, and evaluating the impact of new technology.

Based on this assessment, the advisory firm will provide a detailed action plan, that is tailored specifically to your organization, to address each area.


  1. Implementation of New Technology

The Advisory Partner brings substantial value to the implementation process.

The partner offers their implementation methodology, risk mitigation strategy, communication strategy, advises on best practices, assists with change management, and takes responsibility and accountability for successful implementation


  1. Leveraging advisory firm’s resources and network

Your organization will benefit from working with an experienced and knowledgeable team that has many years of experience and completed hundreds of successful projects. Moreover, a lot of advisory companies partner with other companies to support their clients in many areas, so you can leverage not only the internal resources of your partner but the whole network that was built for many years.


  1. Time and Cost efficiency

A partner’s specialist’s skill set and past experience allow to accurately estimate and follow the timelines and advise on cost-efficient strategies. Your organization will not have to worry about running late on the projects or going over the budget and you can focus on your internal priorities rather than navigating new learning curves.


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