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HR Path supports you in improving the performance of your HR function. Our experts in HR and digital transformation intervene throughout the evolution of your organisation and its impact on your HRIS.

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Our recognised expertise

Our consultants are HR specialists, always supervised by seniors.


Our teams are supported by an ecosystem of digital solutions.


Our approach is based on experience and pragmatism. “Only what really works is true”.


HR Path supports you locally and globally.

Two types of support adapted to your needs


We support you at every stage of your HR project, from diagnosis to strategy definition to change management. Our human resources experts offer you innovative methods and solutions, optimised to support the transformation of your organisations.


The success of your projects also depends on the relevance of the HRIS you build. We are committed to providing you with the technologies adapted to your organisations to support the transformation of your human resources. In addition to change management, we aim to ensure that your employees adopt the new tools.

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Digital learning

Digital Adoption Platforms

Robotisation & UX

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HR Path University

The HR Path University offers to support your teams in the management of change in your company through our training catalogue designed by our HR & HRIS consulting experts.

Our experts train you on the following topics:

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