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NUBO, an enterprise HR solution for small businesses

HR Path has expanded its deployment capabilities with its acquired solution NUBO. This is an award-winning SAP SuccessFactors Packaged Solution, which optimizes SAP SuccessFactors implementations. NUBO manages the entire hire to retire process flow from the recruitment process right through to succession planning in a faster, more efficient manner and at a lower cost. Packed with HR best practices and optimized for employee and manager self-service. No more manual entry and inefficient admin.

NUBO is geared toward small to medium-sized businesses and includes pre-configuration, standardization, and ready to use HRIS. NUBO can ensure HR departments realize their strategic potential to positively influence business value and outcomes. NUBO makes it affordable to leverage the state-of-the-art HRIS solution, SuccessFactors, and covers the following areas:

  • Talent Management
    • Recruitment
    • Onboarding
    • Learning
    • Performance & Goals
    • Compensation
    • Succession & development
  • Core HR
    • Employee Recordkeeping
    • Organization Management
    • Time & Attendance

With NUBO, executives and HR managers can optimally leverage the potential of their employees and grow successfully. By moving manual, paper-based processes to our cloud-based SuccessFactors HCM NUBO, you create the conditions for automation, integration and business change so that you can successfully implement your corporate strategy in day-to-day business.  Some of its key features include:

  • A pre-configured and standardized solution
  • Realize time to value with NUBO as fast as within a month
  • Modify and adapt the system as you go with a system working from day one
  • A modular approach allows you to start anywhere, go everywhere
  • A low implementation cost allows you to focus on and invest in User Adoption
  • Very attractive and transparent recurring cost, structured in a per month per employee model

Partnering with HR Path, you receive all services (technology, consulting and operations) from one source. Finally, you can use the NUBO platform as fast as within 6 weeks at a very low implementation cost and with transparent recurring cost structured in a per month per employee model. NUBO has been implemented in 50 companies, it has proven to succeed with this off the shelf methodology

Interested in learning more on NUBO solution and services? Please click here.

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